Herghelia Radauti / Radauti Horses Stud.

Herghelia Radauti / Radauti Horses Stud.

Herghelia Radauti / Radauti Horses Stud.
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jul de 2021
The Horses Stud in Radauti has been established in the 70's , in the 1770's to be correct - right 250 years of horse breeding tradition can be found in this place - during the Habsburg reign in the area, by the order of the Archduchess of Austria - Maria Theresa.
Today it is owned by the Romanian state - but the tradition is still going vivid and nowadays at Radauti they are breeding race horses for endurance racing - what that means? the horses an their riders race for distances of 80 - 100 - 120 km ...cross country - by any standard it is a lot.
Visiting fee is 12 Ron - and you get a tour of the stables - the custodian accompanying us was very knowledgeable and the caretakers in the stables opened the paddocks so we could enter near the horses. Great people a lot of insight and great knowledge about the horses.
Some of the recent champions were in the courtyard stables - relaxing their muscles after vining races only a few days before our visit.
The horses are beautiful - several races - from Arabic breeds ("Shagya" and "El Bedavy" but also European and Romanian horses.
You take a tour of the stables , you can pet the horses - those are trained horses so nothing to be afraid of - and you can learn about the place. If you are in the area for several days or weeks you can even make appointments for horse riding classes or if you are a rider you can take - some of the horses - for a ride on the nearby hippodrome - pity we could not do that.
So remember beautiful horses in Radauti - check out this place definitely well worth it.
Escrita el 19 de septiembre de 2021
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