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Tattershall Lakes Country Park
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Maidstone, UK16 aportes
oct. de 2021
Brilliant accommodation and facilities
Highly recommended
The staff were brilliant, the accommodation too. Very clean and everything catered for. We stayed for 4 days and found the cleanliness wonderful. Bedding and bathrooms faultless. The on site facilities were well organised and the food was lovelhy.
We could not fault the greeting procedure and check out was so easy
Escrita el 3 de mayo de 2022
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Fulford, UK59 aportes
abr. de 2022 • Familia
Start with the good: brand new caravan, spotlessly clean. Comfortable living area, even if beds tiny.

This review is based on experience with young children: 3, 5 and 7 year olds. Looking at people around us it would score higher as an escape for 20 somethings to get drunk/stoned into the night, or middle aged to relax with beer in their caravan, judging by the other people we saw around.

However for young children it really isn't suitable. Every square metre is crammed with caravans. We were well over a mile from the small park at the entrance. The large bars and slot machines you have to guide your children through to reach the small playground with four or five items tells you the priorities.

With thousands of caravans, roads which need cars to drive onto grass to pass, constant traffic and few pavements, you can't let children out to play. It's just grown to big and crammed.

Every night the children were awake until the neighbours got tired of smoking joints and partying in their hot tub to loud sweary music until half midnight. And they weren't alone on park.) Then up at sunrise with the waste of space transparent curtains.

It's all clean, just not great for children.
Escrita el 30 de abril de 2022
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11 aportes
abr. de 2022 • Amigos
We booked the caravan privately and have no issues what so ever with this, beautiful caravan, we’ll equipped and spotlessly clean.

The park itself is immaculate and very well laid out and the facilities are great in terms of how many there are.

However we were let down with the service and prices. The spitfire bar is massive with and was very busy every evening, the only problem was the massive bar inside was closed for service, meaning the small outside bar was the only place to get a drink which led to huge queues and long waiting times. The didn’t seem to be any reason why you couldn’t get served at the big bar.

The second thing is the price of drinks. £5.60 a pint, £9.70 for a glass of wine and £3.80 for a small lemonade!! This is Lincolnshire not central London! Food in the restaurant was tasty but again extremely expensive - £9 for a small chicken wrap, £14 for a plain burger and chips! Also they have a beautiful seating area outside the restaurant by the lake - but food has to be ordered and consumed inside, it wasn’t allowed to be taken outside. Seems like a waste.

Also kids under 14 aren’t allowed in the arcades without an adult - never come across this at any other holiday park before.

Other than that- - it’s a pleasant place and if like me you love fighter jets RAF Coningsby is literally next door and you get some great views of the Typhoons and Battle of Britain memorial flight leaving and arriving !
Escrita el 13 de abril de 2022
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Gary C
1 aporte
mar. de 2022
Just popped in for an end of trip drink at Bar 49 - as on owner at Tattershall I've spent many an hour in here and over the last few years have loved the Castletini which they no longer sell which is disappointing ! But .. up popped Jack F who remembered the ingredients and safe to say he nailed it so good skills Jack lad!

Guys - think about leaving that signature martini on that menu! or .. get more Jacks who remember it :-)

PS - although not everyone's cup of tea we were delighted to see that we could bring our small pooch up to enjoy the drinks !

See you soon !
Escrita el 31 de marzo de 2022
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Detroit Dave
3 aportes
mar. de 2022 • Amigos
Some issues within the event itself with unnecessary bar queing , and people with no wristbands walking in mainly on the late Saturday night . Having said all that the accommodation and facilities are improving year on year , My personal opinion is this event will be a success even under the current climate once it's given a regular date , I'd like to thank all of the friendly staff
Escrita el 22 de marzo de 2022
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Tattershall, UK1 aporte
feb. de 2022 • Familia
We booked with Away resorts for February half term and our experience was horrible every day planes flew past at 9-6.
Arcades had a very early closing time at 9:30 PM. A woman walked up to me and told me it's the end of the day. Entertainment was boring, on Thursday night a man came and played with bubbles RIDICULOUS. The hot tub at our caravan was falling to pieces. The pool was always coincidentally fully booked. They said they would call on Wednesday but never did. The walk was so long to the food and entertainment the bar was too small for a site this big
Escrita el 25 de febrero de 2022
Esta opinión es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de TripAdvisor LLC.

Nigel G
3 aportes
feb. de 2022
We booked a Monday to Friday break between 14th - 18th February in a lodge located in Fairway. The lodge was acceptable but not as well maintained as the lodge we had at Away Resorts Sandyballs site last October. The Fairway lodge had a hot tub with a nice view over the lake. The hot tub was serviced every day which was pleasing to note. We didn’t have a hot tub at Sandyballs as we were late bookers.

At just over £1k for the break which was February half term for schools we had certain expectations which were not met.

It was a case of what was not available - a lot of the facilities were closed. For example Bar Forty Nine was closed which pushed everyone with children looking for a drink into the Spitfire Bar. The entertainment seating area in the Spitfire bar was far too small with large queues waiting in vain for tables which were not being vacated. We were lucky by arriving early at just after 6.00pm for the pantomime which started at 7.00pm we were able to get the last non eating table where we could see the stage. The whole Spitfire Bar area is dark and dimly lit - utilitarian to say the least. The cost of drinks is eye watering - London prices in the wilds of Lincolnshire! £5.75 for a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale being an example.

The pantomime and entertainment before and after was very good. However, there will be a lot of disappointed people in the height of the season as I cannot see how they will be able to get in unless they arrive early. One lady I spoke to in the queue for drinks told me her family had arrived at 4.00pm as they had been unable to get in the two previous nights.

The Giggling Goose Bar located upstairs is very nice and welcoming and a very pleasant place to escape to from the Spitfire Bar but when you look at the ceiling which is in the style of being able to see the tubes for the air conditioning it reminded me of the inside of a warehouse! A false ceiling would make all the difference. It’s not open to anyone under 18 so if the Spitfire Bar is full you might as well go back to your accommodation.

What is also blatantly obvious is Away Resorts desire to extract as much money as they can from you. The swimming pool and children’s splash park are free but in order to get into the area you have to have a pass which costs - I was told £80 for a family by one person and £95 for a family by another but our booking came with this included. To get to the swimming pool changing rooms or to the Spitfire Bar you have to run the gauntlet of going through the amusement arcade with all the temptations for children. This is totally unacceptable in the present day in encouraging young children to gamble. Our 5 year old grandson kept looking longingly at the cuddly toy crane machines and asking to have a go on them as we walked through.

We never had any meals on site as we felt that having looked at the on line menus together with the price of drinks it would be an expensive dining experience. So, having passed it on the main road we booked a lunchtime meal at the Tattershall Park pub about 150 metres from the Away Resorts site entrance. The food was excellent quality and the price of drinks acceptable. Apart from the very slow service we experienced I would recommend it if you are not on any time constraints.

Although we would probably book to go to Sandyballs again we will definitely not be returning to Tattershall Lakes.

Having read a few of the other negative reviews on Trip Advisor I agree with what they have to say.
Escrita el 21 de febrero de 2022
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Vikkie Lee
12 aportes
feb. de 2022 • Pareja
Just returned from a rather disappointing 3 nights away in Away Resort's Merlin Point indulgent lodge.

We'd previously stayed in a Tribeca at Isle of Wight 3 years ago, and loved it so much and felt so welcome to be greeted with goodies and a doggy welcome pack etc, that we decided to try Tattershall Lakes.

I appreciate the lady on the phone was able to organise housekeeping for our slightly later arrival at 5:30pm - it was a last minute booking for my husband's 40th.

But I was surprised as I didn't think we needed to pack teabags, sugar etc due to our last experience.

On arrival, there was nothing, apart from bedding and a tea towel, which put a damper on the whole holiday.

When I say nothing - no toilet paper, bathroom towels and also a leaking radiator. Albeit, afterhours security dropped some essentials off and a plumber capped the radiator off.

I wouldn't have been so bothered about a bare bones lodge if we hadn't paid more than double than our previous visit (which was also Feb).

The other gripe is that I've seen them work with bloggers on a gifted basis, again, with welcome Processco etc and they'd sold their visit to me.

I really think more focus should be spent towards paying customers' experience than on PR.

Also, with it being out of season mid-week, no on site takeaway seemed possible, but The Spitfire bar/pub was open and allows dog to dine inside.

We cooked in mostly (no prob) and Viva Pizza takeaway kindly deliver straight to your lodge - otherwise it would be a 15 min walk to meet someone at the entrance.

On checkout, we thought we'd have a breakfast at 9am in The Spitfire (checkout is at 10am) and Starbucks coffee. Nope! They don't start serving until 10am, so we drove to Skegness and had one there. Missed opportunity!

The spring mattress may also need replacing too as I kept waking up with a bad back.

The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is that we enjoyed being in the hot tub with a lake view and the park was fairly quiet and peaceful, but I wouldn't call it an indulgent break. We've had so much better.
Escrita el 4 de febrero de 2022
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Harminder V
1 aporte
jul. de 2021 • Familia
There's plenty to do but I would be careful how you pay specially any events. We visited last summer and booked high ropes which was concealed due to high winds. I'm still waiting for a refund. Im will be taking action through my credit card provider as I have not had any response from Tattersham organisation.
Escrita el 9 de enero de 2022
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Annesley, UK10 aportes
nov. de 2021 • Amigos
Just got back from our 2nd Northern Soul Weekender. It would have been our 3rd but the last one was cancelled due to Covid. I didn't think they could better the 1st one but the whole weekend was superb. The staff were friendly and helpful and the whole weekend went without a hitch. Could have been better weather but we can't blame anyone for that. All booked in for the next one. First class
Escrita el 28 de noviembre de 2021
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