Daniil Sihastrul's Cell
Daniil Sihastrul's Cell
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Timisoara, Rumania9.251 aportes
This place is linked with the history of Moldavia and king Stephen "the Great" , at this place a holy man from the time of king Stephen had carved the stone on the hill side and inside this giant boulder he made a home for himself
He lived here in serenity and piece - most of his time was spent in prayer - but from time to time king Stephen was coming to seek advice. Daniil Sihastrul was the name of the holy man - or Daniil the Hermit if you want in English.
Nowadays the cave in the boulder is a tourist attraction - and it is free of charge to visit - of course donations are welcome.
It is also a place of worship so be careful when visiting in order to not disturb those praying.
Overall if you are at Putna it is definitely worth including in your tour a stop for a few minutes at this place.
Escrita el 1 de septiembre de 2021
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