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Great value, lovely friendly spa but shame about the recent changes
jul. de 2017
He visitado el spa con un grupo de amigos en un número de ocasiones, pero esta fue mi primera visita desde que volvió a abrir y en esta ocasión fui con mi marido para un regalo de cumpleaños. Nos saludaron calurosamente por las chicas en la recepción y nos hizo que nuestra manera de los vestuarios. Aunque los vestuarios son bastante pequeñas, una ducha extra y cabina de cambio ha sido añadido para darle un poco más de espacio. Se ofrece el uso gratuito de albornoz y zapatillas y aunque he prestado mejores calidad en otros spas, estaban bien. Al entrar en el spa, el primer cambio importante que noté fue que el invernadero y zona de estar/refresco totalmente desaparecido y ahora era sólo una pared, ya que tenía las ventanas detrás de la zona de hidromasaje, que de nuevo es ahora sólo una pared. Es una pena, ya que ahora se siente bastante oscuro y cerrado y si vas como parte de un grupo más grande (que a menudo lo hacen) no es cualquier lugar para sentarse y charlar. Estos cambios pueden no molestar a algunas personas pero a mí me decepcionó mucho. La sauna exterior también ha ido. Todas las otras instalaciones - salas de vapor, baños de pies, sauna, jacuzzi, hidromasaje, sala de relajación y duchas sensoriales eran exactamente los mismos que antes y no se han tocado. Mi marido tenía un masaje en la espalda que disfrutó y nos pasamos una tarde agradable. Me he reservado para volver con mi grupo de amigos, ya que siempre reserva para los eventos especiales de noche. Si reservas para los eventos o simplemente 3 horas de relajación en las habitaciones aqua entonces creo que es una muy buena relación calidad-precio, pero si realmente tratan, entonces hay mejores en la zona.

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Muy bueno

Nottingham, UK10 aportes
Calm & Relaxed
sep. de 2021 • Pareja
We had a lovely experience here for hubby’s birthday treat! We decided to choose the discovery package which you can access all rooms and 25mins treatment for 3 hours and it was plenty of time! It was nice and quiet which made the experience that more calming and relaxed! The staff were lovely and were there to help if needed. Definitely making a trip back when we can!
Escrita el 5 de octubre de 2021
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Lancing, UK34 aportes
Not the best, dirty spa experience and lots of bits out of action!
oct. de 2021 • Pareja
This really wasn’t quite what I expected for £50 a head! The spa is dated, old, parts were broken and needed love and the changing area and multiple areas in the spa were just dirty! The jacuzzi was out of action which we weren’t told about and the outside sauna wasn’t working either… the pool was cold, it was dirty (full of strands of hair and a couple of face masks floating around). The foot spas kicked out cold water and the so called ‘warm’ sauna was cold too! The changing area showers were full of limescale, there was hair clogging up the drains and there was no shampoo. The lunch was disgusting (we didn’t even bother with the pudding!) and it took an age to be served. Plus we didn’t even get a drink, we had to pay for this which I didn’t expect. The only part which gives this place 2 stars was good communication at the time of booking and the self-treatment which was good fun. We really didn’t get value for money with this place, I will be sending a separate complaint directly.
Escrita el 3 de octubre de 2021
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Sean Chapman
Braintree, UK11 aportes
Spa mazing
oct. de 2021 • Pareja
So I visited Alton Towers for the first time back in 1998 with friends following reading an article in a national newspaper regards the then new Oblivion ride, after the visit i was hooked and I’ve been each year since.
When i met my wife , Alton Towers was the obvious place for me to take her however in 2013 when our son was born the big rides stopped and we were confined to CBeebies land, this got worse in 2016 when our second son arrived so when we visited in May this year my wife asked if i remembered doing the rides when it was just us?
With her birthday in August i decided upon a surprise adult only trip to celebrate so with lockdown rules easing, a 2 night stay would be enough, day 1, up early,travel from Essex and a day in the theme park followed by dinner at the resort.

Day 2 a relax in the spa with treatments.

To assist me i called the spa direct although the website doesn’t make this an easy task (01538704299). The lady on the phone sent me an email and having visited other spas in and around the UK i incorrectly thought this one would be the same, similar to one of the ride queues however i was wrong.
Firstly we receive an email with supporting call in the late afternoon the day prior to our visit, a nice personal touch.

We arrived 15 minutes prior to our first treatment and for those that don’t know, the spa is accessed via the main Alton Towers Hotel reception and using either the lift or the stairs located to the side of the gift shop you descend to the lower floor. You go through the door that is to access the various bedrooms and follow the long corridor to the end and turn right, again you follow to the end and this is the spa access.

Once in the reception you are requested to complete a form with personal details and given a key to a locker, inside the locker is a soft white bath robe, slippers although you can take your own. The male and female changing rooms are located either side of reception. The changing area is compact yet well equipped and once changed your met inside the spa and shown the facilities.

My wife went for her treatment which was a full body massage and i tried out 3 of the inside saunas and the 1 outside prior to having a swim in the pool. I went for my massage at 11am with a lady named Lorraine that was coincidentally the same lady that did my wife’s,
I can only describe the next hour as luxury.

I met my wife back downstairs and we used the automated foot spas prior to laying in the relaxation room, in here its dark with the only light being small fairy lights in a covered ceiling, there are heated lounger style seats and light music.
We went for lunch at 1pm served in the secret garden restaurant and the food was a choice of various topped pizzas, burger and veggie burger with a selection of desserts.
Drinks are not included in the package although the food is and a jug of water infused with raspberries, blueberries and slices of lemon.

The spa had approximately 10 people in attendance in a well planned visit so there was no delays or queues and i can only imagine the credit here is down to the small team operating the spa, my many thanks to all.
With the day drawing to a close our final treatment was 3pm in a duo room, once again with Lorraine and also a new lady named Sophie,
I am a little nervous of attractive people seeing my odd shaped body with my pin size head however the staff put you at ease and are as you would expect true professionals.
Our final treatment over i must say i was disappointed to be leaving as the spa had been ours for the day and its 10/10 on all accounts. In actual fact 10/10 for all the Alton Towers staff from the spa, hotels to the park itself.

The easiest job in the world is to pick holes in something and with the internet being too hand at all times suddenly we are all experts, Alton Towers employ a diverse work force of all ages, ethnic origins, abled or disabled , shape and size so to arrive and shout at any staff playing their part in what is a well oiled machine is similar to kicking a puppy.
So then whilst having breakfast in the flambos restaurant enter the tracksuit wearing slob who insisted her day was ruined due to a lack of bacon. I had enough bacon as did everyone else, her fat kid had 12 pancakes with chocolate sauce and once she finished causing her scene berating the staff member she put her food down and took a FaceTime call, climbing over other diners in order to reach the window of the restaurant to show whoever was on the phone the water park below so clearly bacon wasn’t the issue.
The staff member was shaken and disappeared so i never got the chance to say what a great time we had and to ignore people like this. If you need to complain do it but don’t do it because you know its an easy win as that is in my book bullying and we all do a job that in some way offers a service to someone else.

Thank you Alton Towers and thank you to all the staff but in particular Lorraine and Sophie, i cannot recommend the spa enough to anyone wishing to visit.
Escrita el 2 de octubre de 2021
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Erica L
95 aportes
Not a great experience unfortunately
sep. de 2021 • Pareja
Me and my boyfriend went to the spa End of September 2021. We were expecting it to be truly lovely considering Alton Towers’ high standards however unfortunately the spa did not meet this expectation. The prices are higher than what I found advertised online, apparently they changed ‘well over a year ago’ yet I couldn’t find the new prices on the website or on Google. The 3 hour use of facilities went up from £22 to £30 per person apparently, and hot tea and coffee is no longer included in the price. We had water, cold fruit tea and in terms of fruit just oranges available. The Jacuzzi was broken which we were told but no price reduction was offered, and when we went in we soon realised the outdoor log sauna was not even on so that was 2 things out of use. The overall cleanliness and upkeep of the spa is pretty dismal, broken tiles and ripped seats (on the foot spa area). There were dead flies all over the ceiling in the shower cubicles and all 4 showers had completely run out of hair conditioner even though it was early morning that we went. The place needs renovation or at least decent upkeep for what they charge, especially cleaning during a pandemic, it was not up to scratch. On my way out, I made the lady at the desk aware of all this and she just gave me dirty looks the whole time and asked if I wanted to speak to the manager. I told the manager everything and also the issue with the pricing online, she did charge us the advertised amount of £22 but did not apologise for the bad experience we had - simply giggled with her colleagues and asked them to replenish the hair conditioner. I would not return to this facility but it’s a real shame and they’ve let Merlin down.
Escrita el 29 de septiembre de 2021
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Stoke-on-Trent, UK54 aportes
Terrible communication and no spa day
ago. de 2021 • Amigos
I was gifted a spa day by a friend who sadly had to isolate. She had received confirmation via email that it was booked in so I made a call to check what time the treatments were booked in etc - that was the first hurdle. No one answers the phone! Ever! 20 minutes on hold then it cuts you off - tried so many times.
Email to the spa and a standard reply came that I would receive a reply in 2-3 days.

Emailed an email I came across and did receive a return call from someone who told me there was no booking and asked for me to send the confirmation email and gave me their number to call back on.

Confirmation email sent and tried to call the number given but no reply again 😩.

Tried numerous times the next day via email and phone with no response and by the Friday evening we kind of decided to give up as evidently no one was going to call me back with an update and we were due to go the next day.
I happened to check my emails the next day and finally had a response that morning that yes my booking was in place 😂😂🙈 and we could go that day. I replied to ask please could someone ring me ASAP as it was now nearly 11am when we were due to check in and we still had no idea what time our treatments were/lunch and it would take me an hour to get there - surprisingly I did not receive a call.

A spa day was meant to be relaxing and this had been anything but! I still haven’t received a call or an email in response to mine but I had been so looking forward to this day and it was completely ruined and we still have had no spa day.

Sorry but I really wouldn’t recommend as my first experience with Alton Towers has been really poor and I am still shocked by the lack of communication.

Escrita el 6 de septiembre de 2021
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Lynn M
Staffordshire, United Kingdom8 aportes
Lovely with wonderful massage
ago. de 2021
Great day after 18 months wait for the pandemic to allow a spa day, Holly on the reception was great and saw to our every need, Lucy did a wonderful massage and facial and Megan looked after us in the restaurant for lunch. It was a shame the Jacuzzi was out of action but the missing tiles (someone has mentioned in their review) are to be replaced. Otherwise a lovely relaxing day, thanks ladies, Lynn
Escrita el 20 de agosto de 2021
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Gavin S
Sutton-in-ashfield2 aportes
Lovely spa day
ago. de 2021 • Pareja
A lovely day in the spa for my wife's 40th birthday. Great atmosphere. And a filling lunch in the secret garden restaurant as part of our package.
Escrita el 18 de agosto de 2021
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Manchester, UK16 aportes
Good day, lunch could be improved 🙂
ago. de 2021 • Pareja
Overall a good day for my boyfriend’s birthday present 🙂
The signage to get to the spa could definitely be improved, we had to ask twice 😬
The staff both in the spa and the restaurant were very obliging and helpful👍🏻as we were delayed arriving, and the treatment was a little too close after lunchtime (we had our sweet after the massage) .
It would be better if there was a tab system in the restaurant as you need your card to pay for any drinks. Also the choice of lunch with the package is very limited between burger or pizza, something lighter would be much nicer and as the pizza was really large I couldn’t eat it all (it was boxed up for me to take home). These observations do not reflect on the staff, as I am sure company policies and decisions make it awkward for them.
My massage with Lucy was fantastic, very skilful in getting out those knots🙂
The other facilities were also good, though I agree the loss of the conservatory is a shame as it’s made the area quite dark.
The package with wowcher is good value 🙂
Escrita el 3 de agosto de 2021
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Basingstoke, UK47 aportes
jul. de 2021 • Solitario
Fantastic massage, lovely and restful day just what was needed. Staff so friendly and a great lunch included. I will do it again next time I come to Alton Towers.
Escrita el 29 de julio de 2021
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Alec S
Manchester, UK3 aportes
Not our first visit & definitely not our last!!!
jul. de 2021 • Pareja
We visited the Spa on the 22nd July 2021 for my girlfriends 25th birthday after speaking with Hollie over email. Hollie was amazing & couldn't do enough to make sure everything was perfect, she recommended 2 treatments for my partner after I explained her occupation…

All the staff were friendly & happy from the moment we walked in, giving off a peaceful & welcoming environment.

I had a Warm Stone Massage with Lucy. Lucy was amazing from the start, she tailored my massage to my needs & made sure I was comfortable throughout.

My girlfriend had a Candle Melt Ritual & Sole Therapy treatment with Sophie. She said from the moment the treatments began, Sophie was incredible! Again, tailoring each treatment to my partners needs & making her feel comfortable & relaxed throughout, whilst still being able to have a chat & a laugh which made it all the more enjoyable for her.

Definitely the highlight to our stay & would recommend to everyone!

Thank you, to all the staff that made us feel welcome on the day, but more so to Hollie, Lucy & Sophie. You made it extra special, we’ll be returning in the future!!!
Escrita el 23 de julio de 2021
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