White Bear Meadery

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White Bear Meadery

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Great place, great mead!
jul. de 2020
Great place, great mead. I had never tried Mead before this summer and I love it, my new favorite beverage. They make some great products. Very friendly little place. Highly recommend it and for those of you who haven't tried mead, go check them out.
Escrita el 15 de enero de 2021
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Carol B
Rosemount, MN28 aportes
Good product, poor service
oct. de 2020
This is a small place so when the three of us walked in it's not possible that we weren't noticed but, nonetheless, we were not acknowledged by the person behind the bar. He was busy talking with three guys sitting at the bar.

We sat at a table and waited, waited, waited but still no eye contact and no offer of help. I finally went to the bar and interrupted the continuing conversation by asking for a menu which was handed to me.

Back at the table we read the mead descriptions and pricing and each decided on two we wanted to sample. My friend had a notebook with her so we wrote down the menu item number of the product we wanted and the quantity of each and I took our written order back to the bar. I was then told there was a "pen" on the plastic covered menu and I should use it to circle our choices. I went back to the table, circled our choices and handed it to the bartender.

I'm not sure how we were supposed to know the procedure for ordering - we looked and couldn't find written directions anywhere inside the very small building and they certainly weren't offered by the employee.

He brought our drinks, explained which was which, and we proceeded to sample. Two were very good and one was very bad. We are not experts on mead but we felt the prices of their 750ml bottles was high although probably comparable to the price of a bottle of wine at local wineries.

We won't go back. Your experience might be more pleasant now that you know ahead of time how to place your order.
Escrita el 21 de octubre de 2020
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Eric J
Minneapolis, MN34 aportes
Excellent Meadery
sep. de 2019 • Solitario
I went for the first time as it just opened recently. Very impressed. Great Mead with different styles to meet different tastes. This is Mead...not beer so expect it to be different. Josh was very personable and explained all of Meads. The atmosphere was Norse themed along with the names of the Mead which fits with the timesvwhen Mead was the only drink made. There are tables for groups of 4 and a bar where singles or more can feel comfortable sitting.
I will definitely be going back as there are some great sounding Meads on the way. The Spiced Eple (Apple) was very tasty. The Meads range from the dry to the sweet ones.
Escrita el 12 de septiembre de 2019
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Saint Paul, MN43 aportes
Grand Opening. Grand Fail.
jul. de 2019 • Pareja
We waited and watched for what seemed like forever as they worked through the process of starting their business. I'm always excited to support family businesses and especially like to seek out meaderies, cider and breweries when I travel for work. So, having a meadery in my town is very exciting indeed. That's where the fun ends. They marketed a big grand opening event. They rented a tent and hired service people. They catered food (sort of). Lots of planning for the big day. I know it was a long road getting the business up and running. So kudos to the owners for sticking it out. After all that effort it is a bit confusing that they would totally drop the ball on their big day. When we arrived there were maybe a half dozen customers so it shouldn't have been a situation where the owner (pouring behind the bar) would be rushed. But he was. And flustered. And not friendly. When my wife asked to taste a particular meade before buying a glass, he said no. Only one offering was available in one ounce cups for tasting. "Try that" he said. Ouch. The hired help we attentive but untrained and not sure what to do. Most importantly, their first batches of meade were not really very good. We tried (i.e. gladly paid for) 3 different meades. I've tried plenty over the past year so I have an idea of what I like and expect in the honey based liquid. These were underwhelming at best. Actually tasted more toward cider in my opinion but that doesn't make it good. I hope they make it. But I also hope they up their game. Start with putting somebody friendly behind the bar. Not every business owner is a people person and that's ok. There's a place for a good meadery in WBL. We'll try you again but not for a while.
Escrita el 19 de julio de 2019
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