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Derek S
1 aporte
Utter Disappointm
oct. de 2021 • Familia
Do not waste your time and money. Staff are deplorable. We arrived last night, my family of 8 in two cars, and were directed to follow a black car to park. There was a misunderstanding and I simply parked in the wrong spot and a few cars followed. We were attacked by a parking attendant for this error. He proceeded to chastise my partner and a group of 40 to 64 year old people with a 5 and 7 year old children in tow. My partner apologized, this poor excuse of an employee continued his tirade and verbal attack. After he was finished he scooted away in his little cart . We were then herded into the farm. Completely understaffed and overpriced. Employees screaming over you while in ticket line. Signage and a microphone would help. You are then rushed through attractions you wait 1 to 2 hours in line for and have very few attempts of scares. DJ plays 30 seconds of a sing and makes sophomoric attempts on mixing songs with horrible transitions. Staff has no professionalism whatsoever. Judging from the smell of weed while walking through the attractions would be my best guess on where the actors really were. It was the same experience last year. Taking the pandemic into consideration, we went back. Collasel mistake. Terrible shame , 5 years ago this was a good one. We will never go back. To the owner: your employees are hurting your business. That is why you lost ours.
Escrita el 16 de octubre de 2021
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9 aportes
AMAZING- highly recommend but be prepared for really long lines
oct. de 2019
The place was AWESOME, but the lines were CRAZY! We went with a group of 5 people, all different ages (ages 45, 47, 23, 22, and 14) and we all had a blast. I think our 14 year old was amongst the youngest and me and my husband (mid 40s) were amongst the oldest. The crowd was mostly twenty somethings, but it didn't matter. It was a super fun environment for all ages. We went on on a Sat eve mid Oct. at 9:00 pm. We waited on a long line to go through a metal detector and then to purchase tickets. Although they were long, they moved fast and we were appreciative of the safety measures. Once we got in, they had a DJ playing music in a common area, which made for a really fun environment. People were dancing on a dance floor and having a lot of fun. Although it was packed, there was plenty of space to walk around. There was a food court and a fire pit. However, the problem was that the lines for the events were so long! We literally waited on one line for over 2 hours. We had no idea it would take that long and at that point we had paid and waited so long, there was no turning back. They do have some actors walking around the open space and the lines to scare the crowd in the lines which was hilarious and really helped keep everyone entertained. I wished there was more of that. With all that said, once we got into the event, it was amazing! We were so entertained and impressed. The actors were great and the sets were fantastic. They scared everyone but in a really fun way, not a disturbing way. They actually give you a long time in the events too, much longer than we would have expected. And the fact that they only let a few people in at a time makes the event a much better experience (at the expense of long lines). There was also a great balance of staying in character from the actors and also not taking it too far and helping out when needed. One person in our party got scared in one of the events and accidentally ran out an exit door. We told one of the actors and we went out and got her and brought her back to our group, which was so nice. All the workers seemed really happy and like they were having a lot of fun! We did the Unknown Barn and the Killer Korn Maze and they were both amazing. Highly recommend them. So, we got there at 9:00 and left at 12:30 and did only 2 events. But we all had a blast and loved it! Wish we had done them all. We couldn't stop talking about it. So, we highly recommend this place but just warn you about the lines. Hopefully, others can figure out a time to go to avoid the lines we experienced. It was so good, we might even say it was worth the lines for a unique and fun experience. I would have rated this a 5 if it weren't for the lines.
Escrita el 13 de octubre de 2019
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Angry customer
Browns Mills, Nueva Jersey5 aportes
Awful Staff
oct. de 2019 • Pareja
Attractions were great, but staff was terribly rude. Learn what decent customer service looks like!!
Escrita el 13 de octubre de 2019
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Janice M
Long Branch, New Jersey2 aportes
Corn Field Horror
oct. de 2018
From the time you enter to the time you finally make it out ---- it is just terrifying. But we loved it! It's a must go and see for yourself. Did care for the Barn too much, but the Corn Field was well worth the trip.
Escrita el 21 de marzo de 2019
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Nueva York, Estado de Nueva York4.474 aportes
nice and fright
oct. de 2018 • Amigos
free parking! great perk for sure!!

they here have about 4 or 5 haunted attractions and a party with DJ and food trucks in the main square.

the system here you get coins for each house so you do have the option to go to only a sum of them or all of them.

it is free to hang in the food truck area so if you already gone through the houses you can come back other days just to have some food and enjoy the party.

they have some great things to offer here.

- all the haunted attractions are pretty good and the length of duration was pretty nice, I really enjoyed all the attractions.

- all attractions are different and they have some special things incorporated to each of them that makes one more fun than the other, for example, one of them you are in a vehicle, another the actors touch the visitors.

- the DJ played some great music and all ages had a great time in the party

- the food tucks were very nice and various foods were available.

the place also has a farm item little market store and the mounters walk around the grounds keeping the halloween vibe all across the small town.

now here are the things that in my opinion can be improved...

- the food trucks only take cash. now a days cash is not very common so it would be nice if card was a payment option.

- there was a girl with a dog inside one of the food trucks, that is a bit unsanitary and should be avoided.

- the lines are super long, I know this cannot be avoided so I guess my advise for this is to come in near the end of the day as the lines get smaller.

-atm fee is insane 3 bux!

they have MILITARY DISCOUNTS here try to take advantage of that.

all bathrooms are port-a-potty so make sure to use a flash light they are pretty nasty.

the nice thing here is that even if you come in close to the end of the day they will not close the attractions until everyone has gone in so there is no rush and I really liked that.

this was a fun time, with great attractions and I definitely recommend this place
Escrita el 28 de noviembre de 2018
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Hungry Gringo
Millstone, Nueva Jersey292 aportes
A once upon a time Hungry Gringo favorite
oct. de 2017 • Familia
Many years ago this place really rocked the Halloween Spirit. I live very near by so we have been going every year for about 10 years. Not much has changed . A few new attractions and Zombie paint ball. We travel allot to other hayrides and make comparison. This place used to win hands down. Used too !!! Now it seems as if there is a major management issue. The place seems very understaffed and overly crowded. The lines are exceptionally long. We waited 1:36 minutes for Zombie paintball and there were only 15 in front of us in the wait . The barns are even slower. Here is the issue; the door man overly regulate the front of the line. They hold up each party entering.. Unless it's a Fire department regulation, I don't know why.????. Everyone gets buncH up inside anyway. Just let the lines flow. Also there are many No Smoking Signs. Most customers abide . The staff no. They smoke it up so much, your eyes and lungs are destroyed.. (Girls at Zombi Paintball). This just really makes me furious!!!!
The place could be extremely good. But it's understaffed, and Mis- managed. The field and barn closes to bone fire are their best attractions.
Lastly the value. It's getting darn expensive. Way to much for what's given in return. Never in the past!!!
Parking stinks. And they need to add some lights to the common areas and parking lots.. Ridicules!!!
So in the end, I say go elsewhere . This place is no longer in the same league as Creamy acres , Bates Motel or the Headless horseman. But it could be. Get you act together ..... It's really sad how bad it has become . Once long ago it really rocked!!!! Sorry...
Escrita el 29 de octubre de 2017
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Manalapan, Nueva Jersey46 aportes
Friday night horror
oct. de 2017 • Familia
We loved this place!! 4yrs in a row now they have metal detectors so it’s great to see they care about security nowadays.
People that work there are super nice!
The rides are great!! My favorite is the “house of insanity “ they are allowed to touch you and it’s very scary!!
Food sold there is cheap n delicious at least the hamburgers I eat lol!
Cool place!!
Escrita el 23 de octubre de 2017
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Nueva York, Estado de Nueva York16 aportes
Not as good as the other attractions
oct. de 2016 • Familia
We have been to Field of Terror before for the MOST amazing haunted hayride and other attractions they have there. The parking is wonderful, the prices cheap. BUT... this new zombie paintball.... NOWHERE near the quality of the other attractions. They have a movie on their website which leads you to believe the zombies will be running all over and you can shoot them. ALL but one of the zombies are located behind a barrier and you can just see the tops of their heads. Therefore EVERY zombie looks exactly the same and is already covered in paint. The ride takes only about 20 minutes and I was shocked when they said "we are midway, does anyone want to purchase more paintballs?". There is no way there are 100 paintballs when you start out, because I barely shot anything and half way through we needed to load up. Also, after that half way point, there are three more stations and there is one zombie on a swing. THAT was the only cool zombie shooting on the trail. Also, midway, there is a big fire that shoots up which is really awesome. Their regular haunted hayride is $15 and well worth the price. The zombie paintball ride is $25 and is shorter and not as much fun.
Escrita el 30 de octubre de 2016
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Bloomfield, Nueva Jersey55 aportes
Fun time
oct. de 2016 • Amigos
Went this past Saturday and did three attractions: haunted hayride, corn maze and zombie paintball. Overall be ready for some very very cold long lines, yucky port a potties and some decent scares!
I would suggest that they add some characters to the inner parts of the corn maze and hayride. Most were obvious which reduces the scare factor IMO.
Overall had a good time and would return.
Escrita el 17 de octubre de 2016
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Midland Park, Nueva Jersey18 aportes
Cornfield worth it!
oct. de 2016 • Pareja
Clowns are definitely going to be big this year in general because of people dressing up as clowns and scaring children in towns. I highly recommend doing the cornfield maze if you want to get the sh** scared out of you. All the actors were excellent and I was having a heart attack because I am deathly afraid of clowns and they were everywhereeeee in this maze! The hayride was very cool too but tamed down. It was cool to see all the setups in the woods! Definitely should go if you can. Try getting there exactly when they open to avoid lines at this place, and wear crappy sneakers!
Escrita el 10 de octubre de 2016
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