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Muy bueno

NEBRASKA470 aportes
good history experience
sep. de 2021
Very interesting, got to see how the different immigrant groups lived at different periods of time, so gave you a good history lesson to see how lifestyles progressed over time. In the fall, a few of the buildings were closed, they didn't need to be staffed, but why couldn't they have at least left them open for viewing.
You will want to take the tram between many of the stops, some are up to 1/2 a mile apart. You will need at least 4 hours to see it, more in the summer if everything is open.
Purchased an online ticket thinking I would be able to just walk in and save time, but still had to stand in a long ticket line to check in and clerk didn't seem to know what to do with it.
To buy anything on the inside you will have to purchase a $5 token ( as they do not accept real money ) to buy a $2 item. Come prepared with plenty of water so you do not have to waste $5 on a small pop. Also, bring a picnic lunch. Sandwiches at the grill cost $12 - 15, just outrageous.
Escrita el 20 de septiembre de 2021
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Near Chicago, Illinois104 aportes
A Wisconsin Williamsburg
ago. de 2021
We enjoyed seeing actual houses and buildings used by Wisconsin pioneers. Some are unusual, like the "cord wood" house with logs facing out instead of long-wise. The demonstrators added perspective. Fun to see a female blacksmith (they really existed). Because the grounds are extensive, it never felt crowded, even though many visitors were onsite. Credit to Wisconsin Historical Society for a first-rate facility.
Escrita el 29 de agosto de 2021
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Saint Louis, MO69 aportes
Interactive Family Attraction
jul. de 2021
Fantastic "living" museum! We spent several hours here with our kids (13, 8, & 5) and had a wonderful Saturday! We loved the go-at-your-own-pace exhibits. Exhibits are arranged into three "towns." Definitely recommend riding the tram from one "town" to the next." Even within the towns, there is lots of walking on gravel roads. Wear comfortable shoes! Most of the buildings are "look in" only, but some do allow you to walk through. The staff are dressed in character and do a great job telling the stories of life in that era. Beautiful gardens around many of the houses, and lots of farm animals to see up-close. Our 5 y/o loved seeing the baby calf! Picnic areas all around the place. The gate staff were friendly and had no problem with me grabbing a cooler from the car and bringing it in to a picnic table for lunch. Highlight for our kiddos was the schoolhouse in the Scandinavian settlement, and wearing wooden shoes and finding chicken eggs in the immigrant farms area. Our 8 y/o could have spent the whole day at the bicycle yard. We also paid the extra $5 per kid to make leather keychains at the shoe store in the crossroads village.

*If you really want to see/interact with everything, plan on being here for several hours.

* Pack a lunch! There is a small grill where they sell some food & drinks, but we found it easier to pack our lunches and eat at a picnic table inside the main gate.

* Wear comfortable shoes & dress for the weather - lots of outdoor walking on gravel roads.
Escrita el 16 de julio de 2021
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John U
Madison, Wisconsin, United States3 aportes
Great for Grandkids
jun. de 2019
Our grandchildren, ages 9 and 11 had a wonderful time visiting the various exhibits. The "residents" played their parts to the fullest, and the "visitors" (kids) jumped right in -- cleaning the farm house, chopping wood, and helping out at the blacksmith's. The day was very hot, so there weren't many people. It was a good experience, and they enjoyed it a lot.
Escrita el 6 de marzo de 2020
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Vitry-aux-Loges, Francia13 aportes
Site très intéressant
nov. de 2018
Nous l'avons visité en 2014 mais nous en gardons un très bon souvenir. Très belle réalisation et surtout un superbe témoignage du passé historique local. La mise en scène par les bénévoles est très sympa et bien plus bénéfique que des panneaux à lire. Les lieux ont tous une histoire et nous font réellement partager le quotidien des ces "premiers" américains. Nous y retournerons quand les enfants seront plus âgés et en âge de comprendre leur histoire.
Escrita el 28 de octubre de 2019
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Lodi, WI102 aportes
another visit to old world
sep. de 2019
we went to visit old world wi, and although it is always interesting to go there to see the buildings, in previous years, they were all staffed w people who played their period parts and gave great information, but now, most of the houses and businesses are just walk through buidings... left vacant by history and now by current generations.

i'm sure they had to cut back because of lack of interest on the part of people being too busy to learn about the past. consumed by their own current interests. which is a shame. we can all learn something from history. there are good lessons to be learned.
yet, when we fail to take a look back, we fail to see the future.

i'd encourage you to go see old world wisconsin. take a look back at history and learn about the people that built this country. if more people go, they will be able to bring back more staff to teach more of the lost history of our state and country.
Escrita el 1 de octubre de 2019
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Monika L
Jackson, WI9 aportes
Enjoyed my day here!
ago. de 2019
Interesting place to visit, but without a guide or access to the buildings, I wouldn't recommend going during the week. The highlight for me was taking the tram tour. We had a very knowledgeable tour guide take us into a couple of homesteads and gave us a great history lesson along with samples of a drink that the farmers would use before heading out to the fields on a hot summer day. That was an experience! I found it difficult to follow the maps around the property, but managed anyhow. I would definitely do this on a weekend instead.
Escrita el 29 de septiembre de 2019
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Jack P
Moreno Valley, CA74 aportes
History brought alive
sep. de 2019 • Amigos
What an exciting place! Learning at every opportunity. At the front end of the 20th century, the nation was much different. Immigrants flooded the new frontier with hopes of opportunities never before realized.

It was a hard time, but for success the rewards were great. Digging wells, carving lumber for building homes and furnishings, forging steel for nails and tools for every purpose, these settlers worked hard and long to make a place to live and thrive.

From the horse plowed fields, to the blacksmiths shop and the one room school, the history of life in the new world is carefully exposed and wonderfully celebrated.

Thy the Cafe for a quick snack, and don’t miss the Creamery for a treat while you explore history.
Escrita el 8 de septiembre de 2019
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Dawn B
Madison, Wisconsin, United States104 aportes
My 5 year old loved it!
ago. de 2019 • Familia
This was the first visit for my 5 year old and my first time back since I was a young child- and we both really enjoyed it!

My daughter loved all of the hands-on opportunities and interacting with the interpreters. I found the interpreters to be very friendly and highly knowledgeable.

We both enjoyed using the time traveler tokens, as well. It was a unique way to further interact with the environment. We enjoyed a soda together and she even made her own keychain.

We had lunch at The Clausing Barn, which was a bit pricey, but tasty. We recommend the pretzel platter. The pretzel was huge and it came with various cheese and sausage varieties.

Overall, a somewhat expensive outing, but it was a fun, all-day adventure and well worth the money.
Escrita el 6 de septiembre de 2019
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Schaumburg, IL135 aportes
Poor staff, museum lacking depth and information
ago. de 2019
The site touts itself as the largest living history museum in existence. While the grounds are very large- not necessarily a plus- there were some real issues with my visit.

1 The information provided is skimpy. Many employees are young college-aged kids, some of whom didn't share much and, when asked questions, didn't have the slightest idea.

2 There are almost NO signs providing information about the buildings, the stories of the people connected to them, or the complex itself. I was told near the end of my visit that there used to be signs, but they were taken out to make things more hands-on. Oh, please. The museum is less hands-on than any similar museum I've been to.

3 Many of the young employees were seriously lacking in social and professional skills. On multiple occasions, with no one occupying their time, employees saw me approach, nodded or half-smiled, and walked away or just stood there. No "hello", "welcome", or explanation of the structures/history. When I engaged them, only a few started to share information lasting more than one curt sentence. Visitors to a history site should not be pulling teeth to get the most basic background.

4 At the end, when I asked to provide feedback to the appropriate employee, I was made to wait around 10 minutes. Even the woman who made the request on my behalf looked horrified after I'd been standing for some time, and she commented on how it was taking a long time.

5 The female employee with glasses who spoke to me gave generic HR comments like, "We try to train people to high standards," and made no mention of trying to set things right or referencing me ever visiting again. She asked if I would send an e-mail to someone instead of taking notes or acting like a professional herself.

The Naper Settlement in Naperville, Illinois and Heritage Hill in Allouez, Wisconsin are far superior in terms of information displayed and shared, professionalism, and staff morale. A nearby tourist office told me after my visit that people are avoiding work at Old World Wisconsin because many employees don't care. That is very apparent.
Escrita el 23 de agosto de 2019
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I am sorry to learn that your recent visit to Old World Wisconsin fell far short of your expectations. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak directly with you regarding your experience. If you would be willing to do so, please contact me at the phone number or email address below. Sincerely, Dan Freas Director (262) 594-6302 dan.freas@wisconsinhistory.org
Escrita el 26 de agosto de 2019
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