Stout Public House
Stout Public House
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4,5 de 5 burbujas7 opiniones
Muy bueno

Bryce S
Lakeville, MN7 aportes
5,0 de 5 burbujas
mar de 2017 • Pareja
My wife and I were vacationing and wanted to find a spot where we could watch our team play from back home. Found this Irish pub that broadcasts all NHL games and we were happy to get a bartender who was willing to turn our game on one of the bar TV's. Their draft selection isn't huge so if you want to get a variety, they won't have it. They do have a good selection of spirits and could mix you up just about anything. They have a happy hour that runs longer than others 4p-8p which includes some good half priced appetizers. The calamari was good with a little bit of a spice to their breading. We also had chicken tenders that were a little over cooked. Definitely a cozy spot to visit.
Escrita el 3 de marzo de 2017
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1 aporte
5,0 de 5 burbujas
dic de 2016 • Pareja
I'll compensate for the 'brat' who couldn't have her Kilkenny... 5 stars where 4 might have been closer to reality. Mid-meal I requested a glass of water & it never arrived. Turned out my tasty Ballast Point Pale Ale lasted the duration... Besides, 1 waitress covered the very busy lower level; and she was nice and busy and performed well under tough circumstances.

Anyway, my Reuben was large, delicious and properly made. One of my top 3-4 out of perhaps a hundred nationwide. My wife's chicken pesto sandwich was also well-received, with half taken home. The fries were very good - none survived the evening!

Ambience was great; felt like an evening back in London. Prices were too good to be British. All in all, highly satisfying. We plan to revisit.
Escrita el 6 de diciembre de 2016
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Bethanne L
Isle of Palms60 aportes
3,0 de 5 burbujas
sept de 2016 • Pareja
We came for drinks before a show at the symphony house. They have a fairly extensive beer menu. We liked what we tried. The food was a draw. I had a burger. It was average. Overcooked. The sweet potato fries were good. Hubby had a reuben that was really good. It looked awesome. Our server was great but it got really busy and she was quickly overwhelmed. To her defense, one server in that place on a Friday night will not cut it. One of the bartenders pitched in and helped her. I probably wouldn't go back (unless I was craving a reuben). There are so many other options why settle for mediocre.
Escrita el 16 de septiembre de 2016
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San Diego, CA2.866 aportes
4,0 de 5 burbujas
ago de 2016 • Pareja
First things first - and yes, I may be a brat, but I have to do it. I'm knocking a star off for the absence of Kilkenny on draft. YES, a whole star! An Irish pub without Kilkenny? The hell you say! Okay, maybe part of this full star is also due to the fact that their beer selection seemed a bit lacking. I mean, Guinness, yes. And it was delicious. But their beer offerings were minimal, and did I mention they didn't have Kilkenny?

Since our move, access to our go-to (The Field) is a bit more restricted (meaning we'd have to work to get there, instead of just having a quick two block walk), so the hubs was super eager to find an establishment that could take the place of The Field. He was excited to find Stout, and even more excited to find that they tout "The Perfect Pour" (Guinness is very important to this man!)

We had occasion to walk by the pub several times after moving, and the thing that struck me as odd was that, though they bill themselves as an Irish pub, though they proclaim the perfect pour, none of the people on the patio - in all the many times we had to walk by - were ever drinking a Guinness. Strange, from my perspective, at least. But certainly nothing more than duly noted on my part.

At any rate, the horror of not being able to order a Kilkenny was slightly mollified by the pint of Guinness that was plopped down in front of me in short order. So, I'll stop talking about the tiny beer selection, now.

The food was good, and their menu is a lot larger than the other place that I've twice mentioned by name. I love that they serve an Irish breakfast at any time, and that they have several different options for your gullet. Did I mention that the other reason my husband was so excited about this restaurant is that they have poutine on their menu?

So guess what we ordered for an appetizer...

He also got himself a burger, while I went with the Irish breakfast. The poutine came out first, and while it wasn't anything like what we had in Montreal, it was still good. It was topped with a giant tomato slice, which was confusing (and which was not consumed), but the gravy was very beefy, and the cheese curds were melting nicely.

The Irish breakfast was very good. And very filling. They loaded me up on beans, potatoes, ham, sausage and black and white pudding. The black pudding was delicious, and my favorite item on the plate by far. The bread was interesting - it wasn't sliced from a loaf, it was more like a large scone. And it had a sweet/spicy feel to it...almost like it was part cinnamon, part cardamom. It was good, but not what I had expected.

My husband did enjoy the burger, but he wasn't able to finish it (having gotten full off of beer and poutine). He said it was good flavor, but was trying to justify the cost (he added on cheese, bacon and avocado, which meant the burger cost us around $17).

Our waitress was sweet and friendly, though she did tend to disappear every once in a while, and once the Padres game finished and people started to trickle in, it was almost impossible to flag her down.

I'm sure we'll go back, if for the Guinness if nothing else. I did enjoy the food, and a good Guinness always hits the spot, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I hope that they revamp their beer menu soon.
Escrita el 13 de agosto de 2016
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Dee J
Shreveport, LA17 aportes
3,0 de 5 burbujas
feb de 2016 • Pareja
I found myself downtown looking for the nightlife of the "gas light" district in San Diego recently. Also could have used something to eat. If there is something that I like about as much as Asian food it is Irish draft beer. So, I found Stout Public House down The Guinness was excellent..... the bartender definitely knew how to pour a proper Guinness, lots of layering and a thick, sweet, foamy head. Nice!!

Decided to have the hamburger and fries dinner which was unfortunately not that great. Asked for the burger done medium rare and got it medium well. Also, the french fries were some of the worst I have had recently..... never seen them cut that way. All of the fries were just a little thicker than paper thick.... think, take a normal french fry and then slice it into thirds or halves in thickness. The problem is that when you throw those into hot oil, it cooks the outside nicely but there is virtually no "meat" of potato between the outside hard shell..... yuck! Although hungry, left over half of the fries on my plate. My advice, buy normal size fries and cook them correctly.
So, the bartender was efficient, the beer good, the prices were average and the burger and fries not much. Too bad. Needs more work in the kitchen.

One negative...... there were a ton of homeless people bumming money over downtown and close or in this general area. Made me feel unwilling to park several blocks away and instead circled the block until I found a parking place close.....
Escrita el 14 de febrero de 2016
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Cheryl V
Los Ángeles, CA0 aportes
5,0 de 5 burbujas
mar de 2014 • Pareja
My husband and I were looking for a cozy place to get some late night cocktails in downtown San Diego. Many places were starting last call at 12:30, and we asked folks where we could still have a leisurely drink. They directed us to Stout, an Irish/Hockey bar that we wouldn't have taken a second look at if it hadn't been recommended. I'm so glad we went in!

I had been hankerin' for a mixologist-type scotch-based cocktail and figured I'd be out of luck at a pub. But the bartender, Nathan, gave it a bit of thought and went to work making me an amazing drink with fresh citrus, egg white, ginger beer, cane sugar and good quality scotch. We also really enjoyed the atmosphere here - everyone was friendly and we could tell the clientele were regulars. If we lived in San Diego, we'd be regulars too!
Escrita el 30 de marzo de 2014
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C Lind W
Fort Collins, CO7 aportes
5,0 de 5 burbujas
dic de 2013 • Pareja
We went in hopes of finding our game knowing they had the NHL Center ice package. We had a great time talking to the locals. They had a good, local beer selection on tap, and more in bottles. I had Racer 5 and Sculpin IPA. We were pleasantly surprised by the food. The juicy sliders had a sweet soft bun and were only $2.00 each during happy hour. The steak salad was generous and fresh.
It is quite hockeycentric. The one guy who wanted to watch Monday Night Football had to go upstairs. That was actually refreshing for a hockey fan.
Escrita el 24 de diciembre de 2013
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