The Club at Bond Head

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The Club at Bond Head
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Muy bueno

Toronto, Ontario21 aportes
Beautiful track. Tough but fair. A HIGH END bargain! Excellent Bistro. Great Staff!!
sep. de 2017 • Solitario
Got booked as a single, but the pro shop hooked me up with 2 members who were an absolute pleasure to play with. I had never played the North course, and the greens gave me fits. (fast, true, lots of breaks). Because of torrential rains the day before, the course was soft. Shot 6 strokes over my handicap, but for a first go-round on a tough track, that's about right. Finished in 3:50.
Next, the restaurant. I read reviews speaking to the superb quality of service and food. They're all true. This food ROCKS!! All in all a great way to spend a Wednesday. Thanks!
Escrita el 7 de septiembre de 2017
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Ontario Keep it Beautiful195 aportes
Second Rate Staff Attitude - Not worth the frustration
ago. de 2017 • Amigos
Purchased a GN voucher to play here and tried to get on their North Course but was told that as a tournament had been booked, we'd have to play their South Course instead. OK then no big deal as it's a nice layout as well.

Upon arrival at the course there were no spots available in their parking lot and no attendants, greeters or bag drop personnel to direct us. Evidently EVERYONE was focused solely on the tournament group. After literally flagging down a staff member I was told to park in a place that they apparently use for overflow parking which was a good 'cross country' drive from the bag drop and at least a 10 minute walk back to the pro shop. OK, still no big deal.

Checked in and went to the driving range to loosen up a bit. They had no golf balls left for the 6 or 7 people looking to hit some to get loose. After about 10 minutes a young lad appears with a few baskets of balls and he doled out 8 or 10 to each of us. Really?

Were called to the first tee, waited and in a few minutes we teed off. We were playing behind a foursome that seemed totally oblivious to the fact that they were meant to play at a place that might keep them within eye-shot of the group in front of them as tee off times had been scheduled every 8 minutes. After 4 holes, they had 2 1/2 holes open in front of them and still didn't have a clue. The front nine took us 3 hours and 15 minutes to compete. Never saw a Marshall nor anyone else associated with the golf course so we were literally stuck behind these folks.

When we got to the 11th tee, out of nowhere, a Marshall comes driving up to us and warns us about hitting into the group in front of us and literally warns us to wait until they were off the green (it's a PAR FOUR) to hit. That's when I asked him if he realized that this was an unreachable green from the tee and he reiterated his wait for them to clear comment and disappeared,

Once we had finished our 18 holes (in 75 hours and 40 minutes) I went into the Pro Shop to ask them what that display on the 11th tee was all about and they shrugged and basically said that maybe the Marshall had received a complaint from the group. I assured him that we had not, NOR EVER WOULD hit into the group in front of us (although this might be the one group that could have got us to change our stance!). He said, and I quote "Whatever", and turned and walked away.

I made the 10 minute trek back to my car, changed shoes and drove home swearing to never set foot on The Club at Bond Head again.

Clublink owns and manages this golf course and with the current economic state of golf in Ontario, one would think that they could at least put on a half-hearted act to try and show their paying patrons that they care, but from my experience there, frankly they don't, and based upon conversations with a number of others who we had lots of time to talk with as our foursomes waited to tee off on every hole together that day, my feelings were shared by them.

A really sad story that has tarnished a great golf course and my enjoyment of a day spent there with friends. Time is too precious for us to have to spend it under those circumstances and Clublink should be ashamed of the way that this facility is being run.
Escrita el 3 de septiembre de 2017
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Frank D
24 aportes
Multiple annoyances
ago. de 2017 • Pareja
Took GF there as part of the Clublink program. Was astonished to find that people walking up paid the same price as we did. However, that was just the start of a string of annoyances. Take our cart to the range? No, carry your clubs, I was advised. It wasn't a long walk by any means, but why not be able to take your cart? Then, we get to the range, and we're told we have to play off mats. Two decks of grass, but on a holiday weekend, told to use the mats? The layout of the range is also annoying - it's quite elevated, which makes it useless IMHO to gauge how far your irons are going. Unlike most Clublink courses, the range balls were dirty and fairly low quality. Enough about the range; off to the course.

Signage is terrible. Three or four times, we were driving around wondering which way was the right way. After 9, we followed a sign that said "10th tee and halfway house". We eventually found the 10th tee, but never saw this elusive Halfway house. There were five separate sets of tees, but since they use trendy low profile tee blocks, they weren't visible from the cart paths, so we drove around looking for the correct tees a couple of times. Tees also lack waste cans.

They worry about slow play enough to put clocks on some tee boxes, and your expected time on the score card, but the only time we saw a marshall during our 5+ hour round was on the last two holes when he told us we had to finish before dark "because we got no insurance".

The scorecard has beautiful pictures, etc. but the tiniest possible map, so we weren't sure at times where we hitting. Out in the fairways, there's a pole for 150 yards, and two flat markers for 200/100 yards, but that was about it. Sprinkler heads were marked, but try to find one inside the 100 yard marker! I was constantly guessing what I was hitting when I had a wedge in my hand.

I understand the aversion to carts on the fairways in this wet summer, but I found it took much longer play to with the cart than it would have if we were walking (except for the long walks from one hole to the next) because of the restrictions on where carts could be in the fairway. Might not be a problem if you know the course, but it was another annoyance. Couple of times I just choked down on a club and played it rather than walk nearly 100 yards back to the cart for a 9 iron.

The bunkers were awful for the most part. I saw I hit into one when I saw the splash from the tee. The trap was mostly water, and what wasn't was full of rocks. Others had enough sand, but even though there were plenty of rakes, I had to hit out of footprints on a couple of occasions. (Can't blame the course for that, but it didn't help the overall impression.)

Even the sandwich from the cart girl was a disappointment. The roast beef was fine, and there was plenty of it, but no mustard, and the promised horseradish mayo might have been applied with a tea spoon. The bread fell apart in my hands as I ate it.

Let's not be all negative - the greens were fabulous. Held shots well, very fine surfaces (true and even, but slippery!), and some very interesting contours. If most courses had greens even 80% of these, I would be happy.

Summary: I was expecting private course amenities ON THE COURSE, not just in the clubhouse (which looked very nice, but we didn't use it). They worry about the greens but don't give out repair tools. They worry about pace of play, but don't have marshalls. They have a range, but you can't use most of it. The layout is not straightforward, and they don't have enough signs. Won't go back if I have to pay for it.
Escrita el 7 de agosto de 2017
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Christine T
Toronto, Canadá7 aportes
Slow Play Detracts from Golf Experience
jun. de 2017 • Amigos
The two courses (north and south) at this golf club are spectacular. Food and service are also great. However... I've played both courses many times and in the last two years, it has become impossible to complete a round under 5 - 5.5 hours. The club - which used to be privately owned by ClubLink has now opened to the public and it seems that the volume of golfers has become an issue. Our foursome decided to give the club one more try this past Saturday (June 10, 2017) and again we were 5 hrs 20 min for the round. No group was holding up play - mostly experienced golfers on the course in front and behind us - but there were just too many people on the course - usually three groups on any one hole - all day. The marshals were out, but there was little they could do. While we have complained a few times at the clubhouse, nothing ever changes. With so many choices for great golf in Ontario, this will be our last time at Bond Head.
Escrita el 12 de junio de 2017
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Newmarket, Canadá36 aportes
Enjoyed a great lunch
sep. de 2016 • Amigos
My wife and I took a senior citizen friend for lunch - great food in a beautiful setting. We did not play golf this time but I know the course to be a fair challenge and kept in good playing condition.
Escrita el 26 de octubre de 2016
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Bradford, Ontario, Canada330 aportes
Not enough goes on here for the general public , I don't golf !
oct. de 2015 • Amigos
I have tried to go out and visit , so many times nothing is going on...could be more going on , I have been to a special event there once or twice. The food was good and well presented. I have checked out it in different seasons for lunch...missed it , not open ...they could do an afternoon tea, something on a regular basis......its such a great spot , a nice drive but not open for much. I know weddings are done there , golf and large that all there is????
Escrita el 11 de diciembre de 2015
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Newmarket, Canadá32 aportes
Challenging and Beautiful
nov. de 2015 • Pareja
Played the south course on November 15th. A real bonus to play this course this late in the season. Presents plenty of challenge for all skill levels. There are 5 tee decks to accommodate all golfers. Service was excellent. The course , clubhouse and all facilities are first class.
Escrita el 16 de noviembre de 2015
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Ontario Keep it Beautiful195 aportes
Visually Stunning Golf Course !
ago. de 2015 • Amigos
Without a doubt this is the most visually beautiful course I have seen in Ontario - it easily rivals courses in the Rockies and actually reminds me a hell of a lot of The White Witch in Montego Bay. It would have been a clone of that courses look and feel if the traps were full of white sand instead of brown sand. It wasn't overly long but it was a links style course with extremely punitive (unfairly punitive) fescue 2 feet off of each fairway. If your ball took a little hop to the right and rolled into what would normally be the first cut of rough, at Bond Head it was lost in the fescue. The thickest, deepest fescue I have ever seen. The course was in AMAZING condition, great fair sandy bunkers, flat tee areas, GPS in every cart, lovely undulating greens that I loved (but that the other 3 guys hated) and 4 great par 3 holes and 4 great par 5 five holes. There were a few par fours that had such extreme elevation changes that you were literally hitting right up the side of a grassy cliff covered in bunkers to stop your ball from rolling back down ! Greens fees are steep - we got a deal off to make it pallatable. Clublink fees are stupid - $ 18 for 2 beers just seems crazy, but there's no other choice when you're in the middle of the course on a clear sunny day!
Escrita el 8 de agosto de 2015
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Bill F
Innisfil, Canadá141 aportes
Two Great Golf Courses
jun. de 2015 • Amigos
The Club at Bond Head has two excellent championship quality courses. The South Course is open and can be difficult on a windy day. The North course features several interesting elevation changes. The courses are not for the faint of heart and present a fair and real challenge for golfers of all skill levels. The greens are difficult at best.
Escrita el 30 de junio de 2015
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