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Gaia Amazon Eco Lodge Preguntas y respuestas

San Francisco, California

Where do you take guests for jungle hikes and boat trips? Google Earth photos show that (1) there has been much development and heavy logging on the North Side of the Rio Napo where your lodge is located; (2) you are near the Tena airport; (3) there are roads very close to your lodge on the North side of the Napo (with houses) and another road on the South side of the Napo. What types of birds, fish and animals would we likely see on treks offered by your lodge? Can you provide us with access to the jungle South of the Rio Arajuno which appears to be fairly protected from development or some other virgin jungle in the area? Your lodge looks great, but we also want a true jungle experience. Thank you, Douglas

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Lake Tahoe (California), California
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Hi Douglas, This is not my lodge but we were guests there. While it is true that there is more "virgin" jungle to be accessed we found our experience here to be quite immersive. We are seasoned hikers living in the Sierra Nevada in CA with the inclination to jump in rivers, explore beaches, and have adventures. This lodge was plenty "on the edge" for us in all of these regards and we had ample adventures. If you are confident you want a "deeper" jungle experience, the owner of this lodge can probably put you in touch with those who do the week-long-plus-with-beach-camping types of excursions.

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