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Updates to Tripadvisor’s Awards Programs in 2020

Updates to Tripadvisor’s Awards Programs in 2020

For many years, our Travelers’ Choice and Certificate of Excellence programs have honored select destinations, airlines, accommodations, attractions, experiences and restaurants around the world. This year, we’re making important updates to help these programs better meet the needs of both businesses and travelers.

COVID-19 Update

While our industry continues to feel the global impact of COVID-19, we know travel will recover. We want our awards program to aid in this recovery — and for this reason, we decided to delay the announcement of our 2020 awards until July so we could share the news with a receptive and enthusiastic audience that’s ready to respond and take action. While we could continue to hold and release awards throughout the year, we want to properly honor winners who consistently stood out to travelers for their outstanding service and quality. As travelers and diners begin to venture out again, award winners will be equipped with this accolade as a reflection of their great work. And travelers can get inspired for every aspect of their future trip, including where to eat, stay, and play.

A Fresh Look at Awards

You’ve probably noticed that Tripadvisor is taking a fresh look at all aspects of its brand this year (hello, new logo and color palette!). Now, we’re extending that effort to our awards programs.

In 2019, we conducted research to better understand consumer perceptions of the Travelers’ Choice and Certificate of Excellence awards around the world. The good news: Travelers told us that these recognition programs are tremendously influential in consumer decision-making. But the research also made it clear that we had an opportunity to drive even more clarity around what each award represents and how winners are determined.

We took these insights to heart, and now we’re turning them into action by updating our awards program structure. All awards will now fall under the Travelers’ Choice umbrella: Properties that would have been recognized with the Certificate of Excellence will now be celebrated as Travelers’ Choice winners, while properties that would have been Travelers’ Choice winners will be celebrated as Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best. This change will help us to better recognize our best partners and their achievements in serving Tripadvisor travelers and diners — while also bringing greater clarity around these awards to consumers, making them even more helpful and valuable.

What is the difference between Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best and Travelers’ Choice?

The Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best (formerly Travelers’ Choice) is our highest honor. The award identifies and ranks the very best hotels, destinations, attractions, restaurants, etc., in specific categories and geographic areas, as rated and reviewed by travelers. Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best award winners are among the top 1% of listings on Tripadvisor.

Travelers’ Choice (formerly Certificate of Excellence) recognizes businesses that earn consistently great user reviews. Travelers’ Choice winners are among the 10% of businesses on Tripadvisor.

When will I find out if my business is an award winner?

Travelers’ Choice awards went live on the site on July 28th, over the coming weeks, we will inform winners via email. If you have not received an email, you can always check to see the status of your business by visiting the Management Center under marketing tools or you will also see the Travelers’ Choice logo on your Tripadvisor listing.


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Cómo recibir su Certificado del Premio Travellers' Choice

Cómo recibir su Certificado del Premio Travellers' Choice ¡Felicitaciones por haber ganado el premio Travellers' Choice! Mostrar el premio en su negocio es una excelente manera de exhibir su logro. Este año, por primera vez, usaremos certificados digitales descargables. Consulte su notificación por correo electrónico para obtener más información sobre cómo descargar su premio o comuníquese con el Soporte al cliente para obtener una copia de su Premio Travellers' Choice 2020. Última actualización: 31 de julio de 2020